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Growing up in a small city in Canada where only a handful of people understand the depth and art of couture. Wendy Schindler took her dreams and dresses to the big city and found herself in the Fashion Design program at The Wilson School of Design in Vancouver. Schindler has recently graduated with her B.A. of Fashion & Technology in June 2019. Prior to graduation Schindler had show cased her Devotion Designs S/S19 Intimacy collection at Vancouver Fashion Week in September 2018.  After graduation Schindler has since shown in London Society Fashion Week and Paris Global Fashion Week. Amongst showcasing a second time in Vancouver fashion week and local charity fashion shows such as Brilliant and Little Black Dress gala. 


Schindler is devoted to preserving the art of couture fashion. Her interest in craftsmanship stems from her detailed artistic viewpoint on design, evident in her ornate pieces. Schindler relates back to historical fashion, the works of her favourite designers and the social issues that motivate her to create her own thoughtful pieces for the runway.

Our mission is to provide all women the opportunity and experience to wear handcrafted formal wear. With exceptional attention to detail and traits of European elegance our clothing will inspire and provide confidence to these beautiful women.
"I believe luxury isn’t defined by a garments size, but by its quality and craftsmanship.
A woman's size should not preclude her from wearing artistic and glamorous clothing."
-Wendy Schindler Founder/Designer of Devotion Designs
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